Lawyers for Alex Jones became over proof that contradicted his testimony. 

After years of telling his followers the Sandy Hook faculty shooting was staged, Jones admitted on the stand that the massacre was real.

he's being sued in state capital by folks of 1 of the shooting’s victims.

Conspiracy theoriser and media temperament Alex Jones was confronted with many items of evidence,

Wed that contradicted his own testimony throughout his defamation trial.

The revelations — together with text messages and emails Jones’ attorneys apparently sent to opposing counsel out of the blue

came on the ultimate day of testimony within the portion of the trial within which jurors can confirm what damages, if associate degreey, Jones owes the oldsters of Jesse Lewis.

Jones testified weekday that he ne'er mentioned Sandy Hook in text messages, therefore he never provided such records as needed throughout the trial’s discovery process.

however Mark Bankston, an lawyer for Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis, told Jones on Wed that Jones’ own attorneys recently accidentally sent them the contents of Jones’ phone from the last 2 years.